I Do

Strategy, coaching and mentoring for creative businesses

If you run a small-to-smallish creative business, and find the business part less exciting than the creative bit, then there's a very good chance that what I do could be of real value to you.

Having started my own creative business over 20 years ago, and spent more than a decade-and-a-half making it successful, I now work with people at an earlier point on a similar trajectory, as a strategist, coach and mentor.

Most of my clients are agencies or freelancers, of varying kinds - graphic design, digital marketing, Customer Relationship Marketing, to mention a few.

How I work with them is important. I'm not in the business of turning up, dispensing wisdom, then disappearing. With each of my clients, I enter into a relationship, devoting an agreed amount of my time to them each week, or month, with the aim of making a long-term contribution to the development of their business.

As for the service I provide, strategy, coaching and mentoring are all terms that are open to interpretation, so here are my rough and ready working definitions:

  • Strategy: working with clients to help them achieve clarity about where the business is heading, and map out the fastest, most direct route for getting there.
  • Coaching and mentoring: meeting regularly with key people, to help them stay on track, focused and motivated - by being engaged, supportive and (when necessary) challenging.

Could what I do help you do what you do better? If you'd like to explore that possibility, let's talklet's talk


An accidental entrepreneur, a digital pioneer, and a hyper-connected communicator

I never wanted to start a business, and build it rapidly from zero to a seven figure turnover.

At least, that was never my main ambition. When I co-founded digital agency 3Sixty way back in 1995, what motivated me was a desire to do exciting work; to explore the limitless potential of the internet; to collaborate with people I admired and liked; and to make a decent living.

Over the next 17 years, I achieved all that - while, almost incidentally, learning a huge amount about running a successful creative business.

And that may well be my most important qualification for helping you take your creative business to the next level: the fact that I know exactly what it's like to be where you perhaps find yourself now; an entrepreneur almost by accident.

What else do I have to offer you?

I'm very well connected - particularly here in Bristol, where I'm based; but also more widely in the creative and digital industries.

I'm fluent in tech-speak, and also able to communicate in idiomatic English (a vanishingly rare combination of skills).

And I now have a proven track record as a strategist, mentor and coach - having worked in that capacity with numerous small businesses since 2011.

Children? Interests? Quirky pastimes? Let's leave all that until we meet, shall we?

They Say

Some kind and complimentary words from a few of my recent clients